Why Us?

We Represent People in Need, not Claim Numbers

We chose Galileo as our firm's namesake because our values match his. The astronomer and mathematician was the father of modern science. We owe every scientific understanding of our natural world and our place in the universe directly or indirectly to Galileo. He resisted dogma to rigorously investigate the truth. He had the integrity to spend the last 20 years of his life in prison standing up for his beliefs.

Our firm shares Galileo’s visionary spirit:

We don’t subscribe to conventional wisdom that our clients’ cases fit into one “box” or another.  We explore their experience to present the authentic truth of all their claims to insurance companies and, if necessary, to juries.

Our firm shares Galileo’s integrity:

We will not compromise our values, our clients’ values, our ethical standards, or our commitment to service.

We are a revolution in trial practice:

Our model of client service, diversity of expertise, creativity, and integrity sets new standards for a premier personal injury law firm.

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Industry Recognition

Attorney Paul Veillon began his insurance career at Safeco, so he understands “the system” from the inside. He quickly learned that helping people in need, not fighting them, was worth coming to work every day, a reward in itself. For over a decade he has prevailed in and out of Court, through jury trials and before the Supreme Court of Washington, fighting for catastrophic injury victims and vehicle owners who suffered diminished value. The Washington State Association for Justice has recognized him as a leader in the Plaintiffs’ bar: he served from 2014-2015 on the Trial News Editorial Board and currently serves as the Vice-chair of its Insurance Law Section and on the CLE Committee responsible for teaching other lawyers how to best help injury and insurance bad faith victims.

I have seen Paul’s presentations at seminars to other trial layers. He gives practical and sound advice, demonstrating sharp legal acumen. His body of work speaks to this.


~ Edward Le

Paul is a fantastic lawyer. He is smart, hard-working and dedicated. Clients of his are lucky to have found him.


~ Kyle Olive

Paul is a excellent attorney in every respect. Like most lawyers, he understands the legal system and the relevant law in the areas that he specializes in. Unlike most attorneys, Paul will focus on what your case means to you rather than what it means to him or his firm. This means that he'll provide 100% honest and straightforward information and advice to you. It also means he will fight for you just as aggressively as you would fight for yourself.


~ Grady Martin

I strongly endorse this lawyer’s work. Paul Veillon is a superb lawyer and is well known for being a zealous advocate on behalf of his clients. His reputation for honesty is impeccable. He is diligent, knowledgeable, and maintains a fierce work ethic. Without hesitation I would recommend Paul’s services to anyone.


~ Angel Chenaur

Paul is a top quality attorney because he consistently produces top quality work. Anything Paul works on is done with precision and care. He also has a great command of the law, in particular the civil rules of procedure. Any client of his can be confident they will get a true professional.


~ Rick Park

I tried a worksite injury case against Paul several years ago. At every phase of discovery and throughout trial, Paul was professional, courteous and a very skilled advocate for his client. I remember his closing argument to the jury was especially powerful and I have no doubt it played a large role in getting the jury to award as much as they did. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who has been injured."


~ Arthur Leritz


Paul and his assistant Anna took care of me and were a pleasure to deal with. They are both very responsive to questions and concerns and I never once felt concerned about my case. You won’t go wrong with Paul as your lawyer.”

~ Sarah C, Fellow Trial Attorney

Through our entire case, Paul Veillon has been nothing short of extraordinary: helpful, informative, communicative, open, supportive, honest, and quick. He has never failed to get back quickly or answer questions. I am glad to know there are people like Paul who care for clients so personally.”

~ Luke H

Paul and Anna can relate to you – doesn’t matter who you are. I’ll just say, straight up, ‘Call this guy, he’ll do you right, he knows what he’s doing.”

~ Aaron O

Paul is more advocate than attorney. Throughout every step, he kept me updated about how my case was proceeding. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

~ Tom S

Paul has handled 2 accident cases for me in the last 4 years. Both times Paul has come through with a settlement that exceeded my expectations. He is a great negotiator and works extremely hard for his clients best interest.”

~ Dave W

Paul was with me each step of the way. Paul is a smart lawyer who seemed to know his profession and the process exceptionally well. I would recommend Paul to anyone I know after a personal injury.”

~ Dustin C

Paul was clear & transparent. He kept the lines of communication open and followed through on everything. He even fought for the value of my car. He went above and beyond.”

~ Tom L

Paul and his team are an excellent, thorough and hard working group. Don’t let insurance companies play the bully – your health is far too important! Paul was there for me from the beginning and persevered with me over a long recovery process. He was thoughtful and professional, and insisted on a diligent care regiment towards recovery, even when I was feeling “better.” I genuinely hope that you consider hiring Paul and his staff. They are a quality team and their expertise really matters!”

~ Ryan A


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