Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death turn your world upside down. Insurance companies batter you with questions and demands. We are on your side. Seattle personal injury attorney Paul Veillon has the expertise to resolve your claim quickly or present your case at trial if needed. You are not alone. Insurance companies are powerful adversaries. We are powerful advocates with a proven track record.


Vehicle Property Damage and Nowhere to Turn?

Few personal injury lawyers have the expertise to fight for full payment of proper repairs and present diminished value claims in Court. Galileo Law is the leading diminished value and property damage law practice in Washington. We handle exotic and high-end diminished value claims even without injuries, and we help our injured clients with their collision repair or total loss at no extra charge.


Seeking Respect, Dignity, and Personal Service?

Galileo Law is committed to providing the best client service of any law practice anywhere in the world. We promptly respond to your needs and questions. We help you focus on what matters most: healing. We learn about your unique life circumstances. We honor and present your own case, not your “type” of case. We stand behind our service pledge with our White Glove Guarantee®.



We fight for the justice you deserve. You pay nothing for our time and expertise until we win your case.

We know our commitment to service is working. Our clients have told us so.

We help you with all aspects of your claim, from collision repair to finding the best medical resources available to restoring balance to your quality of life

Insurance companies are powerful adversaries. We are powerful advocates capable of handling substantial and complex cases. Yet you will always know that your attorney is there to help you.

From out-of-Court negotiations to jury trials to the Supreme Court of Washington, for over a decade attorney Paul Veillon has prevailed in catastrophic injury and diminished value claims against major insurers, construction contractors, and government agencies.

Paul Veillon is the leading Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and “daily driver” diminished value attorney in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Redmond, and throughout Puget Sound.


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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

You are a unique human being with a unique experience. You are not a claim number. Seattle personal injury lawyer Paul Veillon will take the time to understand your unique life experience to fight for true justice to make up for the harm you or your loved one suffered. You shouldn't have to go through your personal injury claim alone. We are here to help.


Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

Washington has Rules of the Road - we learn them before we get our driver's license - and you and everyone else counts on other drivers to follow them. You respect the safety of other people, but if you're reading this, chances are someone didn't respect yours. We can't turn back time, but we can help restore the balance of justice.


Property Damage and Diminished Value

Whether you’re fighting your own insurance company or someone else’s, if your car has suffered serious damage and lost value, you don’t need to fight alone. Very few attorneys are willing to help. We think that's wrong. We help our injured clients through every stage of the property damage claim process. Paul Veillon is the leading diminished value attorney in Washington. We have the expertise to win diminished value claims.


Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies are motivated to limit claim costs so they can charge lower premiums. Lower premiums mean more customers. Sometimes they go too far and break the rules. Galileo Law levels the playing field. We enforce the rules and hold your insurance company accountable for treating you fairly and delivering the product your hard-earned premiums bought.


Construction Site Injuries

Washington has special rules for workers injured on construction sites. Workers’ compensation offers limited relief. For catastrophic injuries due to fall protection, electrocution, machine guarding, or other safety rule violations, Galileo Law fights for full compensation to make up for the losses workers’ compensation won’t cover.


Trust Our Clients and Our Colleagues – They Trust Us

Any personal injury law practice can make promises about service and results, but trust our clients and colleagues. Learn from them why you will have a better experience with our practice than with any other.

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Through our entire case, Paul Veillon has been nothing short of extraordinary: helpful, informative, communicative, open, supportive, honest, and quick. He has never failed to get back quickly or answer questions. I am glad to know there are people like Paul who care for clients so personally.


~ Luke H



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