Diminished Value

A wrecked and repaired car is worth less than one without a collision history. That’s diminished value.

What causes diminished value?

No body shop can repair a car or truck as well as a factory can build one. Buyers react to that. You’ll feel diminished value at some point. If the collision was someone else’s fault you can make your diminished value claim now. The insurance company won’t want to pay what’s fair. That’s where Paul Veillon comes in.

Why Should I Call a Lawyer, and When?

There are three simple reasons to call a diminished value lawyer at Galileo Law right away, even before your repairs begin or you hire an appraiser:

  • Our consultation is free, and we won’t offer to take your case unless we can add value
  • You pay nothing for our attorney’s fee unless and until we wins your case, and you can expect to recover more, even considering our fee, than you can recover on your own, and with less headache
  • We can help you avoid mistakes and wasting time and money handling your claim without expert guidance

Do you know which local body shops fix cars properly to minimize diminished value? Galileo Law does.

Do you know what makes your car a total loss? Galileo Law does, the insurance company doesn’t, but they’re in charge of the decision unless we fight for you. If your car or truck should be totaled, and it’s repaired instead, you could lose your diminished value claim.

Do you know which appraisers provide reliable opinions they can defend in Court? Galileo Law does. Do you know which appraisers mostly work for insurance companies and how to discredit their opinions? Galileo Law does. Do you know the adjuster-bag-of-tricks for delaying, denying, and defending your diminished value claim and how to brush them aside? Galileo Law does. Do you know how to take a diminished value claim to trial and win? Galileo Law does – and that’s what insurance companies take seriously.

Do You Have a Diminished Value Claim?

Short answer: ask Galileo Law, first, before choosing an appraiser and spending money on your claim. Attorney Paul Veillon will personally give you the lay of the land, we’ll tell you if we can help, and tell you who can help if we can’t. You can make a diminished value claim for exotic vehicles, collector vehicles, and “daily drivers.”

An online appraisal is a waste of money. Seriously.

Every case is unique, and you can win or lose your diminished value claim within days of the collision. Mistakes are easier to avoid than fix. Call us first. Consulting with us is free, and if your claim has merit we’re the leading litigation practice in Washington for these calims.

Diminished Value Claims for Ferrari, Lamborghini and other Exotic Vehicles

A Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and other exotic vehicle diminished value claim requires unparalleled expertise and experience to prevail against rigorous opposition while imposing on your busy schedule as little as possible.

Attorney Paul Veillon has a proven track record of success for exotic vehicle owners.

Mr. Veillon is also the only Washington attorney to have a peer-reviewed publication concerning the future of diminished value as vehicles transition to carbon fiber construction, a trend already prevalent in exotic vehicles like Lamborghini’s Aventador:

“The Future of Collision Repair and Diminished Value,” Trial News 2015
“Auto manufacturing technology is evolving faster than collision repair facilities and Courts can match. Carbon fiber and other materials besides plastic and steel are the future . . .”


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Mr. Veillon will consult with you about your case at no charge and with no obligation. When you are comfortable, you can retain Galileo Law without paying any up-front fees. You pay for Mr. Veillon’s time and expertise at the end of your case based on how successfully he resolved it for you.

Your time is valuable. It bought you the rolling work of art someone wrecked. You need to focus on your work, your family, and your life, not paperwork and harassment from adjusters. We cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but we can guarantee our service. Galileo Law is the only diminished value law practice to make the following promise: If, at the end of your case, you were not completely satisfied that Galileo Law treated you with respect and dignity and upheld our service pledge, we will reduce the fee you pay for our time until the amount you pay matches the amount you believe we deserve.

If you want to know right away whether you have a claim worth pursuing, call us right now to speak to an experienced diminished value lawyer: (206) 257-6556. If you need someone to listen and understand your more complex problems and needs, we will take the time necessary to give you outstanding advice.

Paul Veillon is the leading diminished value attorney in Washington.Other members of the legal community ask his advice about diminished value claims. He has successfully handled now countless claims over the last seven years, many in litigation, and many involving six-figure rolling works of art.


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