Personal Injury Attorney in Tacoma

A personal injury is any harm, generally caused by negligence, done to a person’s body, mind, or emotions. These careless mistakes can easily sentence people to hospital time that racks up hefty medical bills, put people out of work, and potentially impact the rest of their lives. Often times, personal injury is caused by car accidents or dangerous work conditions. Any harm done or violation of rights entitles the injured to monetary compensation for the damages done.

Hopefully nobody will experience personal injury, but unfortunately accidents happen, and we are here when they do. It doesn’t matter what kind of personal injury you have experienced; Galileo Law is experienced and wants to help you get the reimbursement that you deserve for your loss. Attorney Paul Veillon has 13 years of experience representing severely injured people, and has always fought for justice. We pride ourselves in offering you our best from beginning to end, and making our customers satisfied with our service and with their case.

Traffic Accidents Cause Personal Injury

Because Tacoma is part of a larger Seattle area, it also experiences many of Seattle’s traffic problems. An influx of vehicles on the road makes the risk for collisions higher than it would be normally. Anybody can easily become injured by a car accident. They are among the most common causes of injury. In 2012, there were 3,740 collisions in Tacoma. Nine of those were fatal, 69 caused serious injuries, and 1,283 of those caused minor injuries.

Other Sources of Injury

Personal Injuries can occur almost anywhere, and are caused by many different things. Personal Injury comes from accident rather than malice, but both can be equally harmful to a person. Of course, there are more common causes than others, but here is a list of other causes of personal injuries that could entitle you to compensation

  • Workplace injury
  • Slipping or Tripping
  • Alcohol Liability
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Excessive force by police
  • Defective products
  • Inadequate warnings
  • Animal bite or scratch
  • libel, slander and defamation

Galileo Can Help with your Personal Injury Case

Are you in need of a personal injury attorney in Tacoma? Galileo Law offers a free consultation to anybody that would like to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. We can also help you with other case types, including wrongful death, diminished value, insurance bad faith, and car accidents. We promise to provide you with the best quality service possible. If you are ready to meet with us, give us a call at (206) 537-4000 or visit our website for more information.


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