Personal Injury Attorney in Seattle

Accidents are caused by many things, but all of them have the potential to cause real harm. Those who experienced harm are entitled to compensation for the damages caused by someone’s negligence caused by everything from a car accident to a slippery floor.

Lawyer Paul Veillon is experienced in fighting for the people of Seattle in personal injury cases caused by car accidents, unsafe working conditions, and other forms of negligence. At Galileo Law, we treat people like people — not like claim numbers — and are qualified to help you with a variety of cases. Mr. Veillon has published peer-reviewed articles on claims involving insurance and injuries, is a member of the Washington State Association for Justice, and works hard to make sure he can continue his education to further help his clients.

Traffic Accidents in Seattle

In 2015, there were nearly 11 thousand reported vehicle collisions in Seattle alone. These collisions caused serious injuries for over 150 people and killed 21. Pedestrians and bicyclists are most at risk for serious injury or death when involved in a vehicle collision, and Seattle has one of the highest rates of residents biking to work at 3.4 percent, and another 9.1 percent who walk to work every day.

Although Seattle is a rather small city, and is rather safe, it was ranked this year as 20th in the world for worst traffic. All that traffic has the potential for dangerous collisions that cause serious bodily injuries.

Work-Related Injuries

2015 produced 58 work-related fatalities in Washington State. Seattle is a growing city in the heart of the northwest and because of this it is home to many people who work in dangerous professions as loggers, construction workers, and manufacturers. These groups are made up of mostly men, and although these fields have seen safety improvements because of the risks, there are still injuries and deaths that occur frequently due to even the smallest mishap. A lot can go wrong when working with heavy machinery and the infamous Washington rain.

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