Personal Injury Attorney in Bellevue

Personal Injuries have the potential to be real life changing incidents for those harmed. They can occur in many ways: car accidents, dog bites, slipping and falling on a wet floor, or even a defective product. No matter what the reason is for an injury, any form of negligence that leads to a violation of your rights may entitle you to compensation.

At Galileo Law, we are dedicated to helping the people in Bellevue with their personal injury lawsuits. Lawyer Paul Veillon is the Seattle area’s personal injury and diminished value lawyer. He has represented severely injured people since 2004 and can help you as well. He has gotten a perfect 10/10 rating from clients and a Client’s Choice Award from for his compassion and dedication to helping real people like you get justice for your personal injury.

Injuries in Bellevue

Although Bellevue is ahead of the curve in Washington for health, average income, and road accidents, injuries still occur. Over 10 percent of Bellevue’s population works in some kind of manufacturing, which can be a very dangerous field. Workplace accidents are caused by negligence and carelessness. When rules and regulations are not followed diligently when working with dangerous equipment, people get hurt. Even in less dangerous fields, there is always the potential for an injury.

Car accidents are also another cause of injury. With the majority of residents commuting at least 10 minutes to work on the roads, there is always a risk that you could get into a car accident. Like most places in the United States, people are injured nearly every day on Bellevue’s roads due to another’s negligence behind the wheel.

If you have been injured at the workplace, in a vehicle collision, or any other accident, it is likely that you could receive compensation for the damages. The most common type of compensation is medical bills. Receiving medical treatment gets expensive, and often times insurance companies will not cover the full cost of your hospital visit and recovery. You can also receive compensation for mental or emotional damages that might not require a costly hospital stay.

Bellevue Personal Injury Attorney

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