Car Accidents



Someone carelessly hurt you. An insurance adjuster – even a savvy professional who builds a rapport with you – wants one thing: to pay as little as possible. To them you are a claim number.

But you want fair treatment: for someone to understand, honor, and make up for your experience. That is our primary mission at Galileo Law. We will help you with all aspects of your claim, from repairing your car or settling your total loss to working out billing issues while you recover to negotiating out of Court to enforcing your rights at trial.

You want respect and accountability. The damage to your quality of life that is priceless, but not worthless. The civil justice system uses money to balances the scales, to honor your experience. That balance and honor is our firm’s commitment to you.

What Does a Car Accident Lawyer Do?

No driver may needlessly endanger the public. Careless drivers hurt people – other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists – and permanently diminish the value of high-end cars. They are responsible the harm they cause. Car accident lawyer Paul Veillon holds careless drivers accountable.

“I’ll Wait to Call an Attorney Until There’s a Problem”

When insurance works, it benefits everyone. Diversifying risk is vital to the economy. Washington requires everyone to pay for auto insurance to spread risk equally. But these days insurance worries more about Wall Street than its mission to protect the public interest. These days, insurance companies build a case against you as soon as they know about your collision. By the time you know there’s a problem, they may have already won. Hiring an attorney right away can keep the problem from happening.

Car Accident Claims Are Remarkably Complicated

Insurance companies will delay, deny, and defend your claims in many ways. They may blame you for no good reason. You may bounce from adjuster to adjuster and never get straight answers. If the adjuster is hostile, it’s a miserable experience. If the adjuster is polite, they’ll be that much more effective when they tell you what your case is worth. Hiring a car accident lawyer helps you know the actual rules and enforce your actual rights. An attorney will also help you focus on what’s most important: healing from your injuries and living your life. Professionals who are on your side can manage paperwork and advocate for you.

Call Now. We’re here to listen.

If you’ve been hurt, or if your car has suffered serious damage and lost value, you don’t need to fight an insurance company alone. You don’t want to. Adjusters are good at their job, and that’s not good news for you. We are on your side. Paul Veillon is an experienced, effective, compassionate car accident lawyer and will guide you through claim. Contact us today by calling (206) 537-4000.


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Mr. Veillon will consult with you about your case at no charge and with no obligation. When you are comfortable, you can retain Galileo Law without paying any up-front fees. You pay for Mr. Veillon’s time and expertise at the end of your case based on how successfully he resolved it for you.


When you are injured, you need to focus on healing, not paperwork, billing, and harassment from adjusters. We cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but we can guarantee our service. Galileo Law is the only personal injury law practice to make the following promise: If, at the end of your case, you were not completely satisfied that Galileo Law treated you with respect and dignity and upheld our service pledge, we will reduce the fee you pay for our time until the amount you pay matches the amount you believe we deserve.

If you want to know right away whether you have a claim worth pursuing, call us right now to speak to an experienced car accident lawyer: (206) 537-4000. If you need someone to listen and understand your more complex problems and needs, we will take the time necessary to give you outstanding advice.

For over a decade Paul Veillon has fought for personal injury victims in and out of Court, through jury trials and in the Supreme Court of Washington. He has the experience to handle brain injury, spinal cord injury and severe fracture claims as well as claims involving chronic pain and disability.


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