Property Damage Attorney

Be it your home, vehicle, or any other type of property, damages can be costly. When dealing with a property damage legal case, it is always in your best interest to have an experienced legal counsel by your side. Without a property damage attorney, your odds of receiving the compensation you deserve are decreased.

At Galileo Law, we are lead by diminished value and property damage attorney Paul Veillon, one of the most trusted attorney’s in the state. With years of experience in vehicular property damage, Paul Veillon can help you get the compensation you deserve. Before you contact us for a free consultation, let us fill you in on the details of property damage and how we can help.

Property Damage Explained

While there are many different types of property that can be damaged, be it purposely or accidental, here at Galileo Law, we specialize in vehicular property damage. Our expertise has helped many clients receive the compensation they deserve from insurance companies.

Every car accident victim has the right to get repairs from the auto shop of their choice, and many insurance companies will work to pay less than what the damage is worth. This causes property damage plaintiffs to choose between lesser quality repairs, or paying costs out of pocket for the quality they deserve.

Attorney Paul Veillon has worked with insurance companies in the past which has given him unique insight into how these providers operate. With this knowledge, we can then work to ensure every one of our clients gets what they deserve from their insurance provider.

How We Can Help

At Galileo Law, we are well versed in property damage law. Though we specialize in vehicular property damage, we can also help clients who have faced other forms of property damage. In short, property damage cases can be divided into two separate categories—neglect and intentional.

Neglect is most common, and is typically caused by lack of oversight or human error. A good example of such would be a car accident in which either party was negligent. Intentional, on the other hand, is typically, although not always, malicious. An example of this would be premeditated damage to one’s property.

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