New Concussion Study: CT Can Predict Brain Injury Prognosis

Brain injuries cause a variety of problems

A concussion is a serious brain injury. Every patient heals differently. Researchers have confirmed that a concussion of any severity can produce detectible changes in the brain that predict good, medium, or bad long-term outcomes.

Galileo Law has handled hundreds of personal injury cases involving brain injuries. Our clients have experienced persistent headaches, memory problems, depression, and dozens of other symptoms. No two clients have ever had the “same concussion” with the same problems.

Emergency and primary care doctors frequently miss concussions after incidents like car crashes. They don’t encourage patients to follow up for monitoring. Instead? “It will just get better with time and rest.” Sometimes it doesn’t, or at least not quickly, or not until it causes significant problems for a patient’s life.

A breaking study has confirmed that CT imaging can identify signs that a patient’s concussion will last a long time or never fully resolve:

The researchers leading the study didn’t necessarily encourage doctors to order CTs. The key takeaway from the study? A poor long-term outcome from a concussion isn’t based on the patient’s education, nutrition, wealth, etc. Instead, outcomes are based on detectible changes in the brain completely outside the patient’s control.

Insurance companies commonly discount brain injury claims. Adjusters and defense attorneys rely on archaic arguments – no one can have a concussion who didn’t get knocked out, all concussions get better with time, a concussion isn’t serious unless the patient’s brain is bleeding – you name it.

When a concussion patient hires Galileo Law, we first try to help restore their quality of life. That’s more important than any amount of money. We know which local doctors have expertise and compassion based on our other clients’ experiences. Down the road we deal with the frivolous defenses. We’ve heard them all and know the science.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash or suffered a concussion because of corporate negligence, you’re not alone. We can help you fight for justice.






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