Wrongful Death


Wrongful death claims present special challenges. What is justice in those cases? Money? An admission of fault? Closure?

Careless physicians, drivers, construction companies, and product manufacturers take lives. They must take responsibility. Life is priceless, but not worthless. Galileo Law thoroughly investigates complex wrongful death claims to ensure the victims’ family can prove who was responsible. Careless parties attempt to devalue the life they took. Justice requires money, to be sure, to ease the financial burden on a victim’s family. Justice must also honors their loved one’s memory. Galileo Law understands that both goals are important in different ways. From the legal perspective, will help you the way you need help the most.

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim, and For What?

Parents may bring wrongful death claims when their children die. Surviving spouses to bring claims. Dependent children have claims when a parent dies. A jury can hold a careless party accountable for the pain and terror the victim feels before they die, the economic loss to the victim’s family, and the family’s agony and sorrow for their terrible loss. The justice system also, less tangibly, allows a victim’s family’s voice to be heard, for their loved one to be honored.

Wrongful death claims arise in a variety of contexts.

Attorney Paul Veillon is familiar with the rules required to prove the other party’s responsibility in even complex claims:

  • Motor-vehicle collisions, including DUI offenses, distracted driving, trucking accidents and pedestrian and bicyclist deaths
  • Construction site falls, electrocutions, and crush injuries
  • Deaths from dangerous and/or defective products
  • Claims against liquor establishments for over-serving intoxicated patrons (“Dramshop Liability” claims)
  • Physicians who carelessly fail to diagnose a deadly illness or carelessly cause or fail to prevent a patient’s death
  • Caretakers who negligently allow children to drown or encounter other life-threatening circumstances

Contact Galileo Law promptly concerning your wrongful death claim early.

A timely and diligent investigation can mean the difference between justice and closure, on one hand, and a careless party’s evading responsibility for causing a tragedy, on the other.

Galileo Law wrongful death attorney Paul Veillon understands the complex issues arising from fatality claims and what justice means, tangible and intangible, in those cases.

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