Construction Injury

Construction Injury Litigation: Remedies Beyond Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation benefits provide “sure and certain” but limited relief to every injured construction worker regardless of who caused the incident or who was at fault. Workers’ compensation pays for medical care, partial time loss and disability, but it pays nothing for pain or the damage to an injured worker’s quality of life. Moreover, employers and coworkers are immune from civil liability after a construction injury.

Beyond Worker’s Compensation

You may have a right to damages your workers’ compensation benefits don’t cover. If you were seriously injured on the job or lost a family member to wrongful death at work, you cannot sue your employer, but you may have the right to sue the company in charge of the work site, or another company working on the site with you, if they carelessly caused your injury or let it happen.

In Washington, the general contractor on a construction site must make sure everyone has safety equipment and safety training. For example, if a roofing subcontractor doesn’t provide a harness and an employee falls, that employee may be able to sue the general contractor using similar laws that allow collision victims and patients to sue careless drivers and doctors.

OSHA’s “Fatal Four” and Common Safety Rule Violations

One in five workplace fatalities occur on construction sites, and the most common causes are falls, electrocutions, workers struck by objects, and workers caught in machinery or caught between equipment or materials. Washington construction sites follow a similar pattern. “Makeshift scaffolding” is ubiquitous on construction sites and causes hundreds of serious injuries a year. WISHA, the state’s regulatory enforcement department, frequently cites both subcontractors and general contractors for fall protection, hazard communication, ladder, lockout/tag-out, forklift (“industrial trucks”), wiring, and training rule violations.

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