Preventable Seattle construction injury makes headlines

Seattle Construction Injury Attorney

As a construction injury attorney, I wish I could be surprised when I hear about a near-fatal construction site accident. I’m not.

You’re at work. You look up. Sheets of plywood are falling toward you from 20 feet up. You don’t have time to move. You cover your head with your arms. Hundreds of pounds of material hit you. Laying on the ground, you realize you’ve survived. You’re another construction injury statistic, but you’ve survived.
Construction work is incredibly dangerous. Fortunately Washington has outstanding safety regulations and several means of enforcing them – from Department of Labor and Industries inspections to civil lawsuits for workers injured on multi-employer work sites.
But even those preventative and deterrent measures didn’t stop one worker from experiencing the nightmare scene described above:
Seattle Construction Injury Attorney
This Belltown construction injury made news, in part, because downtown Seattle projects are “high visibility.” These incidents normally don’t get media attention, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.
And a solid worksite safety plan with adequate training, safety inspections, enforcement follow-through, and an overall culture that promotes worker safety above pace of production and profit can prevent every one of them.
Every injured construction worker can make a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation is an incomplete remedy: it pays medical bills up to a point, but it only pays partial time loss, few ongoing medical expenses for permanently injured workers, and no compensation for human losses – how an injury affects the worker’s family and quality of life.
Construction workers can’t sue their employers. But on multi-employer work sites, many construction workers can bring a civil claim against the project’s general contractor or another subcontractor that caused their injury. These are complex, risky, costly, and drawn-out lawsuits, but for the most serious injuries, they are the only way for injured workers to find justice.



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