Post-repair Inspection Promotes Consumer Safety After a Motor Vehicle Collision

After a motor vehicle collision, proper repairs are critical to your safety in your next collision. A post-repair inspection can detect dangerous repairs and give you peace of mind if your shop did the job right.

You buy a car. You know the manufacturer has crash tested it – for example, to make sure that if you get t-boned your kid in the back seat won’t get killed. You get t-boned. Everyone is banged up but walks away from the motor vehicle collision. Your insurance company tells you where to take the car for repairs. The shop’s lobby is shiny and the front desk staff is friendly. They quickly and conveniently repair your car. It looks shiny and good as new.
Is good as new? If you get t-boned again, will everyone walk away? You don’t necessarily have to guess. A post-repair inspection can tell you whether the shop followed your manufacturer’s repair procedures or whether it cut corners:
The scenario above is not fiction. Few facilities crash test wrecked-and-repaired cars after a motor vehicle collision, but one did exactly that, and the results are shocking:

According to post-repair inspector Rocco Avellini, “When the insurance company refuses to compensate a shop for repair procedures, that gives the shop a few choices on what to do. In the past, many just performed the operation and absorbed the cost. But profit margins are thin, and shops are tired of absorbing all that extra work, so they cut corners. I find that because of the cost-saving pressure by the insurers, the shops now service the wrong party: the insurance industry and not the vehicle owner.”
We refer clients for post-repair inspections in almost all of our motor vehicle collision cases involving any degree of structural damage. There are a handful of shops in our area that always pass with flying colors. There are others that almost always fail. The most common variable between passing and failing is whether the shop is a “network” or “preferred” shop with the insurance company. High-end independent repair facilities with quality equipment, well-trained technicians, and manufacturer certifications (not dealership recommendations) get their business by doing good work. Insurance “preferred” shops get their business by doing fast and cheap work.
There’s a time-tested engineering principle: “Good, fast, cheap: pick two.” When NASA tried to achieve all three at once, it crashed two Mars probes. And that’s NASA. In reality, shops get to pick one of those priorities, and if they’re really good they achieve one-and-a-half.
No matter how friendly the staff and shiny the lobby, an insurance “preferred” shop couldn’t care less about you, the vehicle owner. You’re not the customer.
If you’re involved in a collision, get a post-repair inspection. You have every right to do it, it isn’t very expensive, and you’ll either be safer for it or have peace of mind. If your shop passes the inspection, leave them a Google or Facebook review about it.



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