Personal Injury Cheating: How Insurers and Doctors-for-Hire Harm Justice

Personal Injury IME Doctors

Insurance companies do not handle personal injury claims fairly. The playing field is not level. They have scores of doctors who will say anything for money to help adjusters fight claims. And the more they harm injury victims, the more money they make. And the more money they make, the higher your auto insurance premiums.

I read dozens – hundreds – of articles about frivolous personal injury lawsuits and greedy personal injury attorneys. Rarely if ever, do I read a thorough, articulate exposure of the insurance defense medical industry that forces those lawsuits to happen, delays both justice and necessary medical care for people suffering pain, and results in the public paying doctors-for-hire through insurance premiums.

This is such an example:

Personal Injury IME Doctors

Are doctors who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year testifying for insurance companies biased? Sure. Can we often “catch them red handed?” No. Do juries care that insurers spend millions frivolously defending personal injury claims with “usual suspect hired gun” doctors who know exactly what to say to get the next assignment and cash the next check? Generally not without some specific evidence of wrongful conduct.

This article goes one step further than the general notions of bias to expose examples of insurers illegally and unethically influencing physicians to conduct themselves unethically and illegally.

It happens every day, over and over, and it won’t stop until people fight insurance defense fraud as hard as they fight personal injury claim fraud. In the mean time, please keep in mind that a personal injury attorney is trained to discredit these hired guns.

If you ever serve on a personal injury jury and think you’re stuck in court hearing a frivolous lawsuit, consider whether you’re stuck in court because of a frivolous defense.



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