Brain Injury Biomarker Significant Step Forward in Patient Care and Consumer Rights

Brain Injury Blood Test Approved

The FDA has approved a blood test (biomarker) for mild traumatic brain injury (concussion), and patients with and without insurance claims related to the injury will benefit.

We are so excited that the FDA approved a new blood test (biomarker) for diagnosing mild traumatic brain injury (concussion):

Brain Injury Blood Test Approved

The false negative rate for concussions in Emergency Departments after sports injuries, falls, motor vehicle collisions, and other trauma is remarkably high ( One factor is the significant diversity of how concussions present – no two injuries produce quite the same symptoms. Another factor is patient awareness – a concussion itself reduces a patients ability to identify and describe the fuzzy thinking, retrograde amnesia, and other symptoms commonly associated with concussions. A final factor is priority – concussions are often present in the context of more acute problems like whiplash. The delayed diagnosis can impede immediate interventions – precautions against second impact syndrome, rest (both physical and cognitive), and speech and vestibular therapy evaluations and treatment.

As a secondary coincidence, the biomarker will make it more difficult for insurance adjusters to dismiss brain injury claims as impossible to prove without a frank intracranial injury visible on a CT scan. We work hard to overcome this barrier for our genuinely injured clients, and the absence of an objective test for concussion has proven frustrating. This is a major leap forward for patient health and consumer rights.



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