Brain Injury Attorney Encourages Patient Awareness and Advocacy

As a brain injury attorney, we often see the condition diagnosed later than necessary and under-treated.

We represent many clients with brain injuries.  We encourage patients to educate and advocate for themselves whether or not we represent them.  Health is the highest priority.

Many emergency room physicians and even primary care doctors miss the signs of a mild traumatic brain injury (see Boutis, et. al., 2015 ( (“emergency physicians diagnosed concussion less often relative to international consensus-based guidelines and used a limited number of variables to make this diagnosis compared with current recommendations”).

The symptoms can be subtle, but taken together the sequelae of post-concussive syndrome are nearly unmistakeable.  Educate yourself ( so that if you suffer trauma from a collision or other injury (sports, a hard fall), you can advocate for yourself in the medical community.

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If you do have concern that you’ve suffered a concussion in a collision or fall, the medical community has several new tests for diagnosing your injury that your physicians may not order unless you ask.  As a brain injury attorney and a human being, we encourage you to ask – you have the right to a comprehensive medical workup and an accurate diagnosis.  The new tests are known as biomarkers – particularly in the blood and in the eyes.

For example, several studies give physicians guidelines for tracking a patient’s eye movement after an injury to detect a concussion.  Consider this 2015 study published in the Journal of Neurotrauma  (

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Researchers have been developing blood tests to rule in or rule out concussion for years (see

Closed head injuries often resolve without intervention or long-term complications, but not always, and no two brain injuries are alike.  You are your best advocate in the doctor’s office.  If you’ve suffered or may have suffered a brain injury, you stand the best chance of a speedy recovery with awareness of the signs and symptoms and the ways your doctor can diagnose and treat your condition.



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